Making a Mark: Experimental Drawing & Printing

Monday  7.00 – 9.15 PM
22 January – 19 March 2018  (Half  Term 12 Feb)
8 Weeks
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Tutor: Jill M Boualaxai & Sarah Calmus

‘Lines are infinitely variable, and each instance of their use is unique and particular to the individual who made them. They are auto-graphic and their uniqueness is expressed most clearly in our signature and handwriting.’ Jack Southern

Join us and explore your own unique and personal language of mark making.  Using  unconventional approaches to drawing, the course will help you to intuitively develop your mark making and drawing ability whilst also challenging your understanding of what drawing is.  During the 8 weeks we will explore a range of subjects, including but not limited to texture, surface, rhythm, movement and gesture.   Play, experiment and evolve your drawing in an informal and fun environment.

This class is open to all levels of experience

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