Drawing Days Out

Jill & Matt will be running a number of Sketching Days throughout the year, locations will be both inside and out. Next couple of dates for the diary are:

Friday 23 June @Calton Hill  
Saturday 22 July @Leith Docks

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Some cheery inspiration on a gloomy Monday morning… a few of Kate Hajduckas’  beautiful drawings from her sketchbook.

Matthew Storstein and Jill M Boualaxai will be out and about the city for sketching days next month…. why not join us?


Experimental printmaking

img_4635We had everything out the still life cupboard last night for our experimental printmaking class.  A jumbled set up was created and the rest of the objects were laid out to be used quite differently from what the class expected…..

We rolled printing inks across the many varied surfaces, and then rolled, rubbed and pressed these surfaces to create an exciting array of marked papers which we then snipped, teared and rearranged into these fabulous collages of the still life.