Multi-model drawing [and/or] Life modelling workshop

Saturday 11 March 2017
Model Training Workshop: 1.00 – 3.00 pm
Break/doors for artists open: 3.15 – 3.30 pm
Multi Model Life drawing Session: 3.30- 5.30 pm

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Life Modelling Workshop 
Are you curious about becoming a life model but have no idea where or how to start? Then join Jill and Topaz in a relaxed and supportive environment where you’ll learn everything you need to know, and everything you had no idea you needed to know, about starting work as a life model. You will both pose for, and draw one another, to understand both the artist and model’s perspectives. It doesn’t matter one bit if you think you can’t draw – Jill, (a former life model) is an expert in facilitating art-making for all abilities. Topaz is an artist, full-time life model and models union coordinator.
Both of us run tutored and untutored life drawing sessions.

The workshop will be structured into a series of posing exercises, the kind of which you might encounter in a traditional life class, such as gesture, geometry and pathos. Jill will lead the group through these drawing exercises, and Topaz will talk you through how to create inspiring poses specifically suited to the theme. We will both guide you through the pitfalls of the physical strain of modelling; encouraging ambitious poses, showing you what is and isn’t a sustainable way of holding one’s body, explaining how to navigate the etiquette of the life room, and what the obscure terminology used by tutors and session leaders actually means in terms of practical posing. This workshop is both open to COMPLETE newbies, as well as existing models who wish to gain a greater artistic understanding.

After the workshop, you are warmly invited to stay and put your new experiences into practise, as we open the doors to artists. Topaz will direct you into tableaux scenes of shorter and longer poses, where you can pose interactively if you wish, or explore your new-fangled world of shape-making individually. Please let us know if you intend to stay for the second half. If you do, you’ll get £5 off your ticket 🙂

All materials are provided, as well as comforting and warming tea, coffee and biscuits (the life models’ staple diet!) followed by a bar during the life drawing session.

COST: £22 (£16 if you stay and model afterwards)  Book Now

Multi-model life drawing session
Join us and our life models in what may be their first ever life drawing session! This will be their first opportunity to put their new experiences into practise and we would be delighted if you’d join us. Topaz will be directing the models into tableaux and there will be long and shorter poses happening around the room. Easels and boards are provided but please bring your favoured paraphernalia. We’ll play you some eclectic tunes to help zone you out. Doors at 3.15, drawing from 3.30- 5.30 pm

COST: £9 advance, or £12 on the door.
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