Building the picture

From Sketchbook to Painting

13 – 16 July
9.30 – 4.00 pm
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In this four day course students will be drawing from the unique built environment of Edinburgh’s Old Town.

Using a variety of materials and expressive mark making techniques you will be encouraged to describe the city’s architectural forms, using the drawn mark to explore and respond to the substance and presence, the rhythms and structures of the world around you.

Students will learn how to use a sketchbook as a way of capturing and collecting ideas and the process of how these sketches are turned into more considered and substantial pieces of work in the studio. Students will explore the possibilities of mono printing, collage and painting as a means of developing these initial sketchbook ideas.  These prints and colour studies will form the basis of a more resolved mixed media painting.  During the course of the week a variety of materials will be available for students to experiment with including handmade inks, egg tempera & oil paints.

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