Pigments, Potions & Preparations

20 – 23 July
9.30 – 4.30pm

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With ready made paints so easily purchased these days, many artists have forgotten the skills involved in mixing paint from raw materials. This workshop will provide you with a better understanding of the practical skills you need to blend your own paints from raw ingredients such as beeswax, egg, rabbits skin glue and gum arabic. You will begin to realise the potential and practical use of such materials and the unique qualities they can bring to your work. Each day will focus on a particular raw material and you will learn how to grind and blend pigments, gums, resins and oils and how to use them in your work. We will be using these preparations to produce a range of experimental drawings and paintings from a both a purpose built set up as well as any sketchbook images that students may wish to work from.

Monday – Rabbit Skin Glue & Gesso
Tuesday –  Watercolour and Gouache (gum arabic)
Wednesday – Egg Tempera
Thursday – Introduction to Encaustic Painting

1 day – £70
2 days – £135
3 days – £ 195
4 days – £240

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