Explore & Draw Sketchbook Workshops

Botanical Gardens
22 & 23 October 2016
9.30 – 4.30 / £125 Book Now

Look up, Look down, Look through, Look into, Look around, explore and draw!

You will be provided with a sketchbook and a variety of different drawing materials to work with. The Group will be instructed through a series of quick drawing exercises which encourage unselfconscious responses to what you are seeing.

Guided by a sense of visual curiosity, you will be encouraged to see it, draw it, think about it later. Not to worry about finished drawings but rather to gather visual information about the things which are of interest to YOU.

IMG_0596These ideas will then be revisited in the studio and pushed further whilst the experience is still fresh in your mind. Students will experiment with mono printing as a means of preparing surfaces in their sketchbook before going out drawing again in the afternoon.

A sketchbook is a visual notebook and should be made entirely for yourself. You can be indulgent and cram it full of marks and surfaces, colours and thoughts. l hope students will realise how easily a sketchbook can be carried with them and used to record all manner of visual information that they can then use to inform their artistic practice.

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